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4 Reasons You May Have Told Yourself that You Can’t do Mindfulness Meditation

Some yrs. ago, that frankly now feels like another lifetime, I struggled with the concept of learning Mindfulness. It felt like a waste of time. I was a type A personality, always on the go. I was impatient, often irritated, chasing that elusive thing called perfectionism. The harder I tried, the more unattainable it became. […]

Spring Thoughts

Something about spring puts everyone in a better mood no matter what else is happening in the world. A sense of rejuvenation and confidence just magically floats in on the breeze.

Grieving for the Trees

Grieving for the Trees

Last week while walking in the woods at the Arboretum I was overwhelmed by the number of downed trees from the recent severe storm.

The Urgency

As I sit and write to you today, I am reflecting on how quickly time seems to be moving. Perhaps you have been feeling it too?