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Reiki Energy Healing

Since ancient times there has been an awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of health for you, your animals, and the entire planet. It is known by many names: Qi, Ki, Prana, or the term biofield energy that often times scientist use are just a few. What we know about this energy is that when it is low, it causes your body to have difficulty in responding to stress, and compromises your ability to heal. When the energy supply is high you can more easily deal with any challenges that you may facing.
Reiki is a long time Japanese healing technique that increases the supply of life energy. It helps bring your body into balance by relaxing your muscles and increasing blood flow to treated areas. When your body is balanced, your nervous system is supported not in just reducing pain or sleeping better (though these are often cited), but in greater clarity and focus, increasing happiness, removing repetitive and negative thought patterns, combating fatigue, heighten intuition, healing deep wounds of grief and trauma, and recovering from illness, cancer or surgery, It is also very effective for the end of life stages.
What does a session look like?

Every healing session is created to support your current needs. Zoom, or phone sessions will provide you with the same care as in person sessions. You will remain completely clothed and lie on your back on my massage table. If needed, we can modify this position to make sure you are completely supported and comfortable. With a light and gentle touch, I will then place my hands either directly or slightly above your body in different areas such as the head, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs and feet. Sometimes I will place a stone on an area, of the body, (normally a chakra) or use sound with a rattle, singing bowl, tingsha bells, or drum to facilitate in moving energy that is stuck.

Following your treatment, you can ask questions and share your experience so that together we can create your next steps toward how to obtain the outcome you are hoping for.

A session will leave you feeling relaxed, and able to deal more effectively with the challenges you are currently facing. While one session is a big help, continuing with a package of sessions can lead to greater healing. It is always your choice and you can rest in knowing additional support is available when needed.