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The Urgency

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Hello dear souls,

As I sit and write to you today, I am reflecting on how quickly time seems to be moving. Perhaps you have been feeling it too?

For me, it all began last August when I started to sense the urgency of fall wanting to come in early. Even with the hot temperatures of August, fall was making it clear that she was was on her way. There was just something in the air that told me so. It was as if fall herself was speeding up her own timepiece, and on the official 1st day of fall, September 21st, she announced herself and came in like a wrecking ball with temps dropping from mid 90s to 70 overnight. Winter gave me the same early warning that she too would be arriving early, and would make no question about her arrival. The results in KY were much the same as a lot of the US, with the coldest days ever on record, that began on December 19th and continued through Christmas. And now, spring has followed the same suit with several days in February reaching the mid 70s. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom as if they are bursting with a great desire to hurry and have their turn.

I can’t help but wonder, what do these beautiful seasons know that we don’t? What story are they trying to tell us? Why have the seasons been rushing toward spring?

Perhaps, spring is harnessing this powerful urgency and ushering us toward experiencing her greatest gift. The gift of new beginnings. Spring is the time when rains not only cleanse and add more flow to rivers and streams, but also add moisture to the soil in preparation for the seeds we will plant. With trust and hope we ask for the earth to lovingly accept our offerings and hold them in her rich moist soil. And with the same hope, and trust we call upon the springtime sun to bring the warmth that is needed for an abundance of beauty and nourishment for all living things.

I think this is what the rush has been about. Nature, in all of her wisdom knows that at this point in time, more than ever, this spring, this new beginning, this trust, hope, and renewal of beauty, and nourishment is what the world needs now, not later. Maybe she is telling us it is time to collectively write a new story.

Gratefully for my heart to yours,

Are you feeling the urgency too? Are you ready for to create a new life story that connects your heart with nature and community? Then consider joining me for a walk, and tuning into a new story that nature is waiting to share with you. You can out more about these walks here.
I’ll see you there!

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